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Deadline Outfitters operating just across the border

​We are now licensed to offer fully guided trophy elk, mule deer, and mountain lion hunts in the northeastern region of Nevada, just across the border from the Unit we hunt in Idaho (unit 54). Nevada is known for its big game trophy animals and we are excited to introduce our clientele to this spectacular country.

The Nevada elk herds have continued to grow in numbers, passing a legacy of great genetics  from year to year. Your opportunity at a 350 plus bull is extremely high during the archery, muzzlloader or rifle season hunt. This hunt is one for the books.​

In 2011, I had the opportunity to hunt elk during the rifle hunt. I ended up harvesting a unique bull on the last day. His right side never developed, his left side is a monster, super heavy and carries his mass though his points. If his right side matched his left he would be a 370 + bull. I am very happy with him and he is now mounted in my lodge. I will say the first part of this hunt is best, I was unable to hunt during the opening. But had put my pre-scout time in and saw some whoppers. -Hoby


Stefani Leblanc



                 2014 Nevada                         Rifle Hunt 

              2013 Nevada

                Rifle Elk

See the Hunt information page for season dates

2012 Nevada Rifle


Nevada Mountain Lion Hunts
Weather is key to lion hunting. Nevada’s mountain lions season runs year round. We hunt with highly trained hounds during the months of December – March, weather permitting.

We work with our hounds year round, keeping them in great shape and ready to go. On your hunt , you will soon learn these dogs live for the chase of hunting big cats. Half the fun is watching them work for you. Come experience a chase of a lifetime resulting in your magnificent trophy!

  NEVADA SPECIES                        TAG              APPLICATION FEE

​   ELK                                                 1,200.00                           15.00

   MULE DEER                                      240.00                           10.00

   ANTELOPE                                        300.00                           10.00

   MOUNTAIN LION                               108.00


  BONUS POINT ONLY FEE                                                      10.00  per specie 

Hoby Gartner               16198

NV Master Guide 


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