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Grassy Mountains


Please note:    you must have a contract with outfitter in order to put in on outfitter draw tag

Deadline Outfitters is the exclusive outfitter in unit 54 of Southern Idaho!

​Idaho is home to some of the best Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Moose, and Mountain lion hunting grounds in the United States, and unit 54 is among Idaho's best! ​ Unit 54 is extremely large, spanning over 900 square Miles. We use a 4x4 truck to access the country we wish to hunt and go by foot from there.​

Located at the bottom of Idaho, unit 54 borders the Nevada state line producing some of the best genetics for mule deer, elk, and antelope hunting.

IDAHO ELK: Unit 54 Draw Only​-- Hunt Dates

​          Archery  ​                                                    Muzzleloader                                             Rifle
Aug. 30th – Sept. -24th                                 Sept. 25th - Oct. 14th                         Oct. 15th – Nov. 10th

Elk hunting in Unit 54 of Southern Idaho is spectacular and provides the adventure of a lifetime! Our trophy genetics are among the best of any public fair chase hunting in the US.

IDAHO MULE DEER: Unit 54 Draw Only​-- Hunt Dates

​          Archery  ​                                                        Rifle                                                Late Rifle
   Aug.30-Sept. 30                                                 Oct. 5th -31st                                   Nov. 15th -30th 

Scouting will be done prior to your hunt date. October season we are looking for 170 class and up mule deer. Unit 54 has a strong population of mule deer, so during the course of your hunt we will look over high numbers of mule deer giving you ample opportunities at harvesting your trophy. Due to the quantity of deer, unit 54 is a great hunt area for first time hunters as well as seasoned hunters looking to take a nice trophy mule deer.
If lucky enough to draw a late season tag opening Nov. 15th you will be hunting the absolute best two weeks of mule deer season, when the rut is in full swing. This hunt is one for the books.

Archery season is an unlimited hunt. This is an exciting hunt for archery hunters. Again you will see high numbers of mule deer. This country is extremely diverse providing great cover for not only the animals but also for us bow hunters using nature as our camouflage to get in close.

Here at Deadline Outfitters there’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing the next generation of hunters taking part and enjoying the love for hunting that so many of us share. We are working with Idaho fish and game to encourage our young hunters and help them get started with a good hunting experience. The draw odds are extremely high for a youth mule deer tag in unit 54. With discounted prices for a non-resident youth hunting license & deer tag it makes it very affordable to put in and get your young hunter excited about hunting
A Mule deer is an ultimate trophy to add to your hunting collection. Contact Deadline Outfitters to book your mule deer hunt!
IDAHO ANTELOPE: Unit 54 Draw Only​-- Hunt Dates
  Archery                            Rifle  
Aug. 15-Sept.15            Sept. 25-Oct. 24       
IDAHO MOUNTAIN LION HUNTS: Unit 54 ​--Lion season opens December 1















While most people are wrapping up their hunting season, we are gearing up for some of our most exciting and favorite hunts of the year. Hunting mountain lions allows you to extend your hunting season and experience an exciting adrenaline-packed adventure.
​Our season opens Dec. 1st and extends through the end of March. We are usually done by mid February due to quota being meet or weather conditions no longer holding with good running conditions. 

With the abundance of deer in unit 54, mountain lions are in good supply. Mountain lions are an extremely elusive animal seldom seen in the wild. We run these big cats during the winter months when snow is plentiful allowing us to easily cut their tracks.

We hunt out of 4 wheel drive vehicles and off snowmobiles allowing us to cover more ground. Once a tom track is located, the chase is on in hopes of treeing him with the aid of our experienced well-trained hounds, for whom we have the utmost respect and love.

We work with our hounds year round keeping them in great shape and ready to go. On your hunt, you will soon learn these dogs live for the chase of hunting big cats.
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