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Sunset in the Woods

   Meet the Gartner's

Hoby  - Tasha  - Kadience & Stone

Born and raised in southern Idaho. I grew up hunting unit 54 located 30 minutes from my home town. I developed a strong passion for hunting at a very young age, tagging along with my grandpa and uncle on many hunting adventures before I was of legal age to hunt myself.

I took my first mule deer at age 12 and have been

hooked ever since. My passion for hunting only grew over the years. My love for hunting has continued

to open doors and pushes me to succeed in all that I do.

I started guiding in 2004 at the age of 20. Newly married my wife Tasha joined my love for hunting and the outdoors, she began traveling with me, cooking in all of my camps. We have worked in many of the  western states, including New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Kansas, Wyoming, and Idaho.

I started guiding in Alaska under another outfitter in 2006, for coastal brown bears, Dall sheep, Moose and interior grizzlies. Through my work, I have had the opportunity to be a part of so many great hunting adventures.

During our travels we have been fortunate enough to build many friendships with people form all parts of the world. You never know when someone enters your life what opportunities may arise. While in Alaska during our 2007 fall season, Jack Atchison Jr. was a guest in our camp. Now a friend of ours, Jack helped us book a trip to Africa for a plains game safari hunt, which was a trip of a lifetime that we will treasure forever. 

In the spring of 2009 while guiding in Southeast Alaska for Costal brown bears, my friend Joe, who I was guiding at the time, gave me an unbelievable gift. He had booked a hunt in the Northwest Territories and was unable to go, so he graciously offered it to me. I went to Northwest Territories and hunted with Mckenzie Outfitters in July of 2009 and shot a ram of a lifetime.

From 2004 to 2009 Tasha and I traveled the western states and Alaska during  hunting season each year, which we considered living our dream. In 2008 we    pursued and purchased the guide rights to Unit 54 of Southern Idaho, the unit I grew up hunting next to my little home town. The purchase of our own outfitting business put a stop to our western state travels. Our focus became Idaho. We continued to work in Alaska as a piece of our hearts are always pulling us back.

At the time of purchase the unit rights didn't come with much, mule deer and Mtn. Lion was pretty much what we started with on our permit. Since 2009 our unit and business has grown steadily with each year, we put in our time on the mountain and with as many clients we could offer our service to in order to build and grow Deadline Outfitters LLC into what it is today. 

In 2011 our family of 2 grew and we welcomed a beautiful baby girl. Kadience Leora-Lynn (her first hunting trip was in utero, as Tasha had drawn an elk tag that fall and shot a trophy 6-point bull). Kadience has been raised in hunting camps, traveling with us to Alaska. At 5 months old she was on her way in a super cub headed out to bush camp for her first season in Alaska hunting camp. We welcomed our son in September of 2014 right in the heart of hunting season. We took 3 years off from our fall Alaska annual trips, as Stone proved to not be not as good of traveler as his sister, plus by 2013 Deadline Outfitters had grown and need our presence more. In 2017 we headed back to Alaska as a family for hunting season and have continued to make it back each year for a couple weeks to get our Alaska fix and re-unite with our extended Alaska family.... The Burwell's.

In 2018 We added a private  upland game shooting preserve offering fully guided Pheasant, quail & chucker hunts with highly trained bird dogs who now share space with our hounds! We continue to grow and add new hunting opportunities for our clients!

New update:

We are now operating for ourselves in Alaska as:

Deadline Outfitters Alaska LLC 

Hoby is Registered in The Delta Management area 

We will be offering Caribou & interior grizzly hunts soon! 

Stay tuned for upcoming addtions as there is no slowing Hoby Gartner down. 

We have been extremely blessed! We continue to build and offer more to our future clients and friends. 

We hope Idaho will call to you and that we can be apart of you're next hunting adventure! 

 "Find something you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." –Harvey Mackay
Strive to live by these words
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